Our Services:

In pursuit of our goal to be your one stop financial planning company, The Winning Edge Financial Group in Clifton NJ offers the following comprehensive services listed below. Before you decide to use any of our services we suggest that you watch the biography video of our founder to learn more about how The Winning Edge was started. Then check out our mission statement and principles video that The Winning Edge Financial Group was founded on. These can both be found by clicking on the links here or by going to the “About” section of our website. Once you do, we think you will agree that you have found a company that you can trust to put you and your family’s needs first. We take pride in the fact that we have been building long term relationships with our clients for more than 20 years. We have guided our clients through every financial crisis since the crash of 1987 and have personal experience going back to the recession of 1972-74. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our family of satisfied clients. Let The Winning Edge Financial Group help you take “Your First Step Toward A Bright Financial Future.”

Investment Planning:

Many people would like to have a successful investment portfolio but don’t have the slightest clue where to begin. The next big hurdle is to find someone to trust with their money. At the Winning Edge Financial Group in Clifton, NJ we strive to solve both those concerns. There are so many investment planning options that exist, so naturally there is much confusion finding the one that is right for you. It is important to feel confident that the financial planning company you choose is one you can trust to put your best interests first and not the company’s bottom line. With so many companies more worried about how much commission they will earn on a specific product or course of action it is easy to understand how hard it is to put your faith in any advisor. We have built our reputation putting you, the client first. We then build a portfolio strategy that will give you confidence that you are moving in the right direction. On this website you will find many free informative videos that will help you understand who we are and how we can help you to reach your goals. I also recommend our premium video on wealth accumulation. It will give you an idea of how we work with our clients to reach their financial goals. I think it will help you to decide that we are the company you would like to work with. We would welcome the opportunity to help you on your journey “Toward A Bright Financial Future.”

Retirement Planning

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, there are many retirement plans to choose from when trying to reach your retirement goals. There are many new plans being added to the list of choices all the time. With so many choices it is almost impossible for the average person to make an educated choice as to which one is best without the benefit of some outside advice. That is why The Winning Edge Financial Group in Clifton, NJ offers our retirement planning service. We will sit with you and analyze your personal situation to see which retirement plan best suits your needs. We will seek to minimize your tax liabilities while maximizing your benefits and long term security. If you’re a business owner we make sure your choices will have a maximum benefit for you and your key employees while keeping your costs for administration and other non-key employees as low as possible. If you are an employee, we work hard to make sure any plan you choose will complement any options or plans you may have available to you at work. We will even review your work sponsored plans and make sure the options you have selected are working for you in a way that makes you comfortable. If your company doesn’t offer you a retirement plan we can help them to start one. We offer our retirement planning services to help you move forward with confidence toward your financial goals. Let The Winning Edge help you take “Your First Step Toward A Bright Financial Future.”

Estate Planning:

Did you know that it is possible that the government is named as a beneficiary on a very large percentage of your assets? If you have managed to accumulate some wealth during your lifetime that may very well be the case. Many people are unaware of how much the government’s estate tax and income tax takes from people when they die. The government will take this money with absolutely no concern for the wishes of the deceased. At The Winning Edge Financial Group in Clifton NJ, WE can show you strategies that will help prevent this from happening. At The Winning Edge we use our knowledge of the estate tax laws to work hard for you to make sure that your hard earned assets go where you decide and not to the government. Most people think that the Estate Tax only affects the very wealthy. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Depending on the types of assets you or a family member own at the time of death, the beneficiaries can lose most of the estate. In fact, between income taxes and estate taxes the family can lose almost the entire estate. It almost seems impossible but it is often true. Beneficiaries can easily make uninformed decisions when combining a lack of understanding tax laws and the emotional strain people face during a period of grief. These choices can cause devastating financial results that could have been avoided with proper planning and professional guidance.

At The Winning Edge our practice is built upon helping our clients to create wealth. Do any of us really want to see the fruits of our labor and sacrifice taken away from our chosen beneficiaries and given to the government? At The Winning Edge, WE work within the law to eliminate and minimize this tax to the best of our ability. We work together with attorneys who specialize in this field. Together we work hard so that your investment portfolio is as strong as it can be and protected from this devastating tax. Check out our premium Estate Planning video to hear more about this tax and to help you decide if you need to seek professional help. We hope the information provided will inspire you to join our family of clients. Together we want to help you on your journey to a bright financial future and make sure that your beneficiaries are also protected.

Tax Planning:

Having your taxes prepared is sort of like keeping score in the game of finances. At the Winning Edge, We don’t want to just keep score. We want to be your financial coach. We want to show you how to improve your financial situation not just calculate your tax result. As we work together we will help you to create and implement strategies designed to increase your wealth and future income needs while keeping your taxes as low as possible. There are many wealth accumulation techniques available and most people only know a few. The majority of people don’t even take advantage of the few strategies that they hear about. It is important to know that you have a lot more control over your tax situation than you would imagine. Our premium tax practices video can give you several ideas of how we use our knowledge of tax laws to help you achieve your financial goals. With our tax planning service, we show you how to use the tax laws to benefit you and help you on your way “Toward A Bright Financial Future.”

Tax Returns

Every year most of us have to get our income taxes prepared. Our tax service started when our investment clients wanted to minimize their taxes as their investment returns continued to grow. Most people don’t understand tax preparation and don't want to. That’s why we provide our Tax Service. While we strive to be competitively priced it is not our goal to be the cheapest tax preparer, our goal is to be the best!

Tax laws change almost every year, but we keep up with these changes so you don't have to. We can review your returns for the past 3 years to see if you overpaid and make sure you get back any money you are owed. This part of our practice has helped many people claim thousands of dollars that would otherwise have been lost forever.

If you desire we can use your tax return as a foundation to help you design a financial strategy specifically for you. A plan that helps guide you to financial independence while keeping your taxes at a minimum. This can make future filings a time to review progress made toward achieving your goals rather than a source of anxiety. Our free Tax Practice video will give you a better idea of how we developed our practice and how we use tax laws to help guide you to a bright financial future. I highly recommend our Premium Tax video to help you decide if you are satisfied with your current tax preparer or if it is worth doing your return yourself. In the premium video we give a more comprehensive view of the mechanics of preparing a return. You will learn much more about how income is calculated and how you can better understand the complexities of tax law. Our video may help you to prepare your own taxes more effectively. It may also give you faith that our knowledge is worth having on your side and that we can help you on your journey toward a bright financial future.

During tax time we don't forget our other obligations to our clients. Come in now to see how you too can have "The Winning Edge" when filing your taxes. Join us and take “Your First Step Toward A Bright Financial Future.”

College Savings Plans

Let us help you chart your course to saving for a college education. Whether it is for your child, grandchild or other loved one we can help you reach your goals. There are many investment and savings plans to help you save money for college or other educational goals. Many of these plans help to save on current and future income taxes while you accumulate the money you will need for the cost of education. Many of these plans also allow the money used for education costs to be withdrawn tax free. Don’t let a lack of money prevent your loved one from getting an education. Check out our free video on college savings to give you more information on this very important subject. Make sure they have all the advantages that they will need to move forward “Toward A Bright Financial Future.”

Long Term Care, Life & Health Insurance

As we work toward your bright financial future we also look to minimize your risk along the way. We hope you will take a look at all the free video content we offer on our website to briefly explain the importance of all the various types of insurance that can be purchased to protect you and your family. After all, what good is a portfolio that builds wealth and minimizes your taxes if it is at risk from other unexpected occurrences? There is nothing more tragic than having a solid portfolio and not protecting it from the unexpected things in life. What if you or someone you love were suddenly disabled, ill or passes away? There is no way to prepare for these things emotionally. However, we can take steps to make sure that an emotional tragedy does not necessarily have to become a financial tragedy as well. Let us help you to decide what insurance is necessary and affordable to make sure that your bright financial future is not undone by life’s unexpected events.

Mortgage Services

Having the right financing options is so important when it’s time to buy a piece of property. Whether you are buying a residence or a business property, getting a mortgage is usually a decision that you will have to live with for many years to come. That is why it is important to discuss all of your options with someone you know will have your best interests at heart. You want someone who will not just get you the best rate but will make sure that the option you choose complements your overall tax situation and investment portfolio. Having someone with experience in the mortgage business is especially important during challenging economic times. It is times like these when banks make borrowing money very difficult. We work with lenders that have all the experience you could want on your side getting you the loan you need at the rate you deserve even during tough lending times. We can help you with all your financing needs. Give us a call or drop us a line and we will work with you. Let The Winning Edge help make your dream of owning property of any kind a reality.